Here to help kids connect with God

The Children’s Ministry at Refuge is a safe place to allow your child to learn about Jesus while you enjoy our services.  When you arrive, you may check your child in at our "Welcome Center" which ensures that we have safety measures in place for both drop off and pick up.

The teachers at Refuge believe the children are our future and It's our responsibility to lead them in the right direction.  Your children will learn in a fun environment where kids can come, have fun, and learn about Jesus.  Our teachers at Refuge teach the kids to pray and to be thankful for everything.

Bring your kids and come experience Refuge Kids.

Our Teachers

Brandi Alexander

My name is Brandi Alexander and I teach the toddler Sunday school class. The toddler class includes ages 3-5. I came to the Refuge a couple months before the 1 year anniversary. We are now on year 7 of the ministry and to say I found a home church 6 years ago would be an understatement. I love my church family. We moved into our current church building around 4 years ago and we finally had classrooms! That meant we could finally have Sunday school classes! And that meant we would need teachers! I have always been willing and available to help in any area where there is a need, so naturally, I volunteered to teach the toddler class “temporarily” until God placed the “real teacher” into position. That was 4 years ago and now I am into position! It took me several months to realize I wasn’t just a place holder for the teacher position, I was actually right where I was supposed to be!

Teaching this class has been one of the greatest joys of my life. These kids have taught me far more than I could have ever taught them. My goal for this class is to not only present God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in a manner that a 3 year old can relate to, but to also help them start to recognize and operate in the spiritual gifts God has given them! And most importantly, show them that they are loved unconditionally!

Kim Carr

Sunday School Teacher 10-13
Childrens Church Leader 7-12
Preteen Leader 7-12

When I was little, I told everyone who would listen that I wanted to be a teacher and that I was gonna have 4 or 5 kids when I grew up! Little did I know that God had other plans for my life. Our pregnancy with our son was very difficult and at 21 weeks, I ended up with a medical condition called Pre-eclampsia. Our son was then born 9 weeks later. We were both in critical condition and it was later determined that I could no longer have any more children. Since then, my husband and I have welcomed several children in our home to live. Some stay for a few weeks to months and the last one we count as our own. She stayed with us for almost 5 years.

Getting to teach Sunday School and lead Children's Church is a true blessing to me! God gave me a purpose for my childhood dream. Teaching and serving is my true calling. It wasn't what I truly envisioned for myself, it's better! I continue to serve an amazing God. The "littles" in my life are amazing and I wouldn't change a minute of it!