Empowering and Encouraging Single Moms

Providing a range of resources along with time for networking, sharing and fun for single mothers of all ages.

If you are a single mother you are dear to our hearts and We are here for you! We are here to pray uplift love encourage and teach each other how to apply the word of God into our homes into our lifes and into our childrens life.

Stephanie McDowell

Hello My Name is Stephanie McDowell and i am single mother of 3 boys. My journey as a single mom has been a journey of Strength Hope, Love and Never giving up despite the circumstances. The Lord laid it on my heart and my sisters heart to come together align, unite and start a ministry for single moms just like us. The journey we face as a single parent brings great victory and joy but can be a challenge of great difficulties also but all things are possible with Christ.

If you are a Single Mother we would absolutely love to have you.

Psalms 46:5 God is within her she will not fail

Alicia Boatman

Hello there!!! My name is Alicia Boatman and I am a single momma of a 21 year daughter and a 1 year old son, and yes that’s a pretty big age difference lol! My sister and I felt God leading us to start a single mother’s ministry and He has prepared it every step of the way! Let’s face it being a single parent is HARD, and we know all the work, the struggle and the pain that comes with it. But we also know the joy, the reward and happiness as well.

So we are here to help support you, be there for you, encourage you and uplift you and most importantly help you grow in Christ not only as a mother but as the strong individual woman you are! We are here for you and looking forward to meeting more single mothers like ourselves! God bless!