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Brandon Mitchell

Leadership Development

Hi, I'm Brandon Mitchell with the Refuge Ministries. I'm an avid hunter, and we own a full time taxidermy business located in Alma, Arkansas, I love the Lord and have a passion for sharing His goodness with others. I'm often asked what does it mean to be a Christian, or what contribution do you have with the church, or what type of church do you attend? And I would like to share with you the view of this Ministry and how the Lord has built it.

I've been a part of The Refuge Ministries since the beginning. My family and I which is made up of my wife Angie of 17 years, and our two teenagers, Lee and Kylee started about 2 weeks after the doors were opened 7 years ago and since the beginning the mission hasn't changed and that is to reach the lost, and to grow the body, not by number, but grow it through teachings of the truth of the word of God to develop a personal relationship with Him, and the goal is to love. To love everyone that walks through the door. The sign out front says your past stops here, and it's instilled through the teachings and ministering that condamnation is not the way thru Christ Jesus. But rather love, and truth.

Helen Calos

New Believers

My name is Helen Calos. I am the adult Sunday School teacher for New Believers. Years ago when I accepted Christ as my savior there were a lot of things I wasn’t taught. For instance, I had heard about Satan, but I was never taught how to use the power that was within me to take authority over him and his many attacks. I didn’t know where to start reading Gods word. I questioned whether or not there was a certain way I was suppose to pray? I was never taught about trusting God and seeking Him and His will for my life. Because of the struggles in my life many years ago, the Lord laid it upon my heart to help and teach others with the same questions.

The New Believers class is for anyone who questions their walk with God, or what Gods will and purpose is for their on life, not just for those who have recently gotten saved. We are all called to serve and as a servant of Christ my greatest passion is to serve you, and answer any questions you may have about your own walk. Together we will pray, study Gods word and prepare our hearts to go forth and do Gods great commission of leading others to Him.